Translation, editing, textual revision, and transcription.



- Proofreading the text, making changes, and stripping away spelling and grammatical errors. 0 - General page review, such as page numbering as well as the arrangement of documents to be included in files. 0 - Converting audio recordings (interviews, podcasts, etc.) into texts and modifying them in preparation for a readable material. 0 - Depending on the nature of the project, coordination, editing, and general review. 0 - Paraphrasing or composing texts in response to customer requests 0 - Use the printing and publishing industry-approved symbols. 0 - Verify the accuracy and consistency of the images, tables, graphs, and maps attached to the text. 0 - Ensuring information accuracy, particularly in scriptures and sensitive aspects such as legal and scientific scriptures. 0 - Provide a file containing the adjustments made to the original text in order to demonstrate the reason behind the modification. 0

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Translation, editing, textual revision, and transcription
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